We're not just abut pots, pans, and chicken soup.


\dī-ˈas-p(ə-)rə\ or \daɪˈæspərə\ - "to scatter about, disperse, sow";  born of ancient Greece, DIASPORA became our modus operendi and our company is eager to plant seeds of change to improve our neighborhoods, our cities and us, the people who live there.

It's about empowering your creativity, your health, and your community.


Go green! grow your own!

Veggies, that is.

You can't believe the advantages of greening your rooftop and the benefits you get from getting your hands dirty. To name a few, you connect with nature and the food you eat, you can reduce green house gases, eliminate water runoff and make the big apple a more breathable and livable city.​

Composting, germination, through cultivation, harvest, canning, preserving, and eating fresh vegetables. Seed propagation. the continuum of the life cycle and its environmental impact on the neighborhood, including the health of the people and its wildlife. 

Community Garden


The best medicine is prevention and you'll find it in your kitchen.

Our wellness program caters to parents and their children who are keen to live in optimal health. 

Classes touch on a variety of topics that include:

Beverages, Fats, Sugars, Food history, Nutrition, Detox., etc.

Classes are hands on and end with a meal prepared by the students.

Wellness can be taught to Groups

or Individuals.


Grow your own?

That's right. It's easier than you think and we have well thought out space saving solutions for growing veggies, herbs, and flowers in small limited spaces.

We re-use plastic bottles and build towers that wick water from a reservoir. 

You can start from seed or purchase seedlings.

Kids love these projects from germination to harvest.

How to


Do you want to eat well but don't have the time? what's your obstacle? tiny kitchen? don't know how to cook? hate prepping and clean up?​

We are up for the task. As long time culinary professionals we can ease your kitchen stress and make your oven sing.

Are you trying to follow a diet or program? We can cater your Plan or whatever regime your working with. We have lots of dietary experience.

Do you ever fantasize about having a collection of bottles to age and enjoy when they're mature?

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