Workshop Offerings

10 Week Wellness/Cooking Workshop

In this hands on wellness and cooking class we discuss varied topics such as food origins, preventable diet related diseases, seasonal eating, beverages, sweets, etc. Students practice age appropriate culinary skills, learn about healthy choices, eating well on a budget, kitchen hygiene and more.


Urban Gardening is all about self empowerment, self reliance, and creativity. We offer 2 day window gardening workshops where we build and plant, with the students, a hanging bottle garden. Diaspora Cooking Company is also seeking to partner with schools to create and maintain school gardens. We can help the school's business manager source funds and facilitate the registration process.

Food Entrepreneurship

Grow it, harvest it, process it, sell it. In partnership with a school garden, (if possible) we create a product, (vinegar, hot sauce, pickles) test market it, price it, package it, have it approved, then sell it. The process can be long and hit bumps in the road, but the goal of the project is to create a vision and product that can lead to a viable career in the food industry. This mock company will lead students along the path that a real food product developer will negotiate and offers a hands on experience of the rewards and pitfalls of starting a food business. Workshop is 5 classes over a 10 week period.

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